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Keeping you and your car safe!

• Improves visibility while reducing glare to create a more comfortable view of the road.

• Our window films offer significant heat rejection, keeping you cooler. 

• Blocking 99% of damaging UV rays, our films not only protect you, but also protect the interior of your car from fading and cracking cause by the sun. 

• In the event of an accident, our film can help hold shattered glass in place.

Here at Tint King, we take advantage of precision, computer cut tint to ensure a perfect fit, every time. This technology allows us to cover as much of your windows as possible, including below the gaskets, which helps to reduce the risk of peeling. 

When we install your tint, we ensure your film will look great for the life of your vehicle. Our tint does have a lifetime warranty against bubbling, cracking and color change. 

Choose from a variety of shades or upgrade to our High Performance film in order to block out more heat during the warmer months. 

Llumar Auto

Llumar Auto

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